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Fire Extinguishers

ABC Fire Extinguishers

ABC Fire Extinguishers

ABC multipurpose fire extinguishers use a special combination of base ingredients, enabling them to be effective in the majority of fire risks found in home, commercial and industrial spaces. ABC stands for the three classes of fires these units can be used to extinguish: A – wood and paper products and other common combustibles; B – flammable liquids; and C – electrical fires.

class D Fire Extinguishers

Class D Fire Extinguishers

Designed for use on metal fires, Class D extinguishers use a special applicator to keep hands well away from extreme temperatures. The design also helps prevent inhalation of harmful chemicals.

water fire extinguisher

Water Pressure Fire Extinguishers

Ideal for Class A (common combustibles) fires, high-pressure water extinguishers are nontoxic. They're an ideal choice for schools, offices, showrooms, apartments and other indoor spaces.

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

CO2 Fire Extinguishers

CO2 extinguishers use carbon dioxide to starve Class B (flammable liquid) and C (electrical) fires of oxygen. They leave no residue behind, making them ideal for office environments.

Dry Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Dry chemical extinguishers are used for class B (flammable liquids) and C (electrical) fires. They're an ideal addition to industrial and commercial environments.

Class K Fire Extinguishers

Class K Fire Extinguishers

The Class K Fire Extinguisher is used for kitchen fires. Optimized for fires where cooking media such as fats, greases, and oils are used, Class K extinguishers are found in both residential and commercial kitchens.


fire extinguisher cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Keep your fire extinguisher readily at hand with a fire extinguisher cabinet.

emergency signs


Proper signage helps identify safe exits to use in case of fire as well as the location of fire escapes and extinguishers.

fire extinguisher hooks

Fire Extinguisher Hooks

Keep fire extinguishers in ready reach with our sturdy hooks, designed to safely support our fire extinguishers for easy access in every room.

fire blankets

Fire Blankets

Fires thrive on oxygen. Smothering fires with fireproof blankets helps extinguish flames and prevents them from spreading.

emergency ladders

Emergency Escape Ladders

Heavy-duty escape ladders provide exits wherever they're needed, as well as providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the protection you need in case of fire or smoke.

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