Fire Extinguisher NYC

Fire Extinguisher NYCIt is always best to be prepared. A fire extinguisher can not only save your home from damage, it can save your life. Since 1975, American Fire Extinguisher has provided NYC quality fire extinguisher accessories. From an exit sign to a fire extinguisher, to fire retardant blankets and emergency ladders, American Fire Extinguisher is here for your protection.

A fire extinguisher in NYC has the potential to save you money. Annual savings amount to around $5 billion in commercial losses, if a fire extinguisher is used correctly. The Fire Department of NYC regulates the number of fire extinguisher in NYC required for any building, commercial or residential, but it is the best way to keep you protected against fire damage.

American Fire Extinguisher is a full-service fire extinguisher company for NYC and Long Island. We offer monthly and annual inspections, as well as maintenance, to all businesses and individuals. Regular inspections make sure that your equipment is in working order. It also keeps your business in regulation with fire extinguisher NYC officials. With our 40 years of experience, we can spot potential safety issues before they arise and make important corrections to keep your well-being top priority. We do inspections for your fire extinguisher in NYC, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Our licensed technicians are qualified to train and demonstrate the proper use of a fire extinguisher in NYC. Knowing the correct use of a fire extinguisher could be life-saving. They are not designed to fight large fires, and even against small fires, it can be dangerous. Remember that an extinguisher needs care and must be recharged after use. American Fire Extinguisher offers NYC and Long Island recharge services. Even without use, pressures can diminish over time, and recharging extinguishers ensures they have enough of the extinguishing agent and sustain the proper pressure for effective use.

NYC has some of the best fire departments in the country, but having a fire extinguisher in NYC residences is not only law, but important for your safety. American Fire Extinguisher can supply any of your fire prevention equipment needs! We offer free shipping and free estimates for all of the equipment we sell. There are several types and classes of fire extinguisher available in our online store: ABC, Class D, Water Pressure, CO2, and Class K fire extinguisher for NYC building codes. The label on a fire extinguisher indicates the type of fire it is to be used for. Fires involving wood, cloth, flammable chemicals, or electrical all react differently to certain extinguishers. Our fire extinguisher NYC training will prepare you to handle each situation calmly and correctly. We also sell storage cabinets, emergency exit signs, fire blankets, and escape ladders. With all of these accessories, you are sure to pass NYC building inspections!

American Fire Extinguisher works with NYC and Long Island buildings of all types and sizes. From mom-and-pop stores to high-rises to NYC residences, we are dedicated to maximizing your safety and peace of mind. For a no obligation estimate, contact us! 631-988-2608 or visit our website for more information